New modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment

Thunar is a new modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment.
Thunar has been designed from the ground up to be fas t and
easy-to-use. Its user interface is clean and intuitive, and does not
include any confusing or useless options. Thunar is fast and responsive
with a good start up time and directory load time. Thunar is accessible
using Assistive Technologie s and is fully standards compliant.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
Thunar-0.9.3.tar.bz2 0006502363 6.2 MB almost 12 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes over 13 years
rpmlintrc 0000000198 198 Bytes over 13 years
thunar-desktop.patch 0000001053 1.03 KB over 13 years
thunar-use-eject-where-necessary.patch 0000002111 2.06 KB almost 13 years
thunar-vfs-volume-hal_missing-audio-cds-for-volman.patch 0000004145 4.05 KB almost 13 years
thunar.changes 0000005560 5.43 KB almost 12 years
thunar.spec 0000010204 9.96 KB almost 12 years
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