Utilities to make life with GNU Arch (tla) easier

This is a collection of tools to make life with GNU Arch easier. The
tools included are:

- tla-changelogs-to-log: takes a GNU ChangeLog and creates an Arch
patch log.

- tla-copy-changes: Copy and commit Arch changesets from another

- tla-cvs-sync: Bidirectional sync with CVS archives.

- tla-emacs-xids-to-db: Produce an id rename database for EMacs.

- tla-file-log: Output historical log for a file in an Arch project

- tla-fix-changelog-conflicts: Resolve merge conflicts in ChangeLog

- tla-fork: Create an Arch branch forking off an existing one.

- tla-fork-archive: Fork a new Arch archive.

- tla-munge-archive-names: Changes names of
categories/branches/versions in an Arch archive.

- tla-munge-archive-xids: Modify an archive to use taglines instead
of explicit ids.

- tla-scan-for-xids: Produce a list of explicit ids used in an

- tla-switch: Switch a project tree to a new version.

- tla-update-ids: Automate handling of changed id tags.

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