HTTP Copying and Mirroring Tool

w3mir's main focus is to create and maintain a browsable copy of one or
several remote World Wide Web sites.

Used to its full potential, w3mir can retrieve the contents of several
related sites and leave the mirror browseable via a local web server or
from a file system, such as directly from a CD-ROM.

w3mir's goal is to be able to make useful mirrors of any reasonable
World Wide Web site. It specifically preserves link integrity within
the mirrored documents as well as the integrity of links outside the
mirror, if you want it to. w3mir has a powerful "multi scope" mechanism
enabling the user to make mirrors of several related sites and have
links between them refer to the mirrored documents rather than the
original site. w3mir has several features directed at getting mirrors
for CD-ROM burning and the handling of some rare problems when

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