A Modular, Secure, and Well Designed IRC Client

Irssi is a modular IRC client for UNIX that currently only has a text
mode user interface. However, 80-90% of the code is not text mode
specific, so other UIs could be created easily. Also, Irssi is not
really even IRC specific anymore. There are already working SILC and
ICB modules available. Support for other protocols, like ICQ and
Jabber, could be added some day, too.

It is the code that separates Irssi from ircII, BitchX, epic, and the
rest of the text clients. It is not using the ircII code.

Source Files
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85bbc05b21678e80423815d2ef1dfe26208491ab.patch 0000002140 2.09 KB almost 10 years
f1f6d8f9000f0d346f196223d301ee5e72f5685f.patch 0000001270 1.24 KB almost 10 years
irssi-0.8.11-avoid_version.patch 0000001176 1.15 KB over 12 years
irssi-0.8.12.tar.bz2 0000935918 914 KB over 12 years
irssi-0.8.12_update-ssl-code-to-HEAD.patch 0000015687 15.3 KB almost 10 years
irssi-0.8.15_ssl_proxy.patch 0000000997 997 Bytes almost 10 years
irssi-0.8.x_wallop_off_by_one.patch 0000000476 476 Bytes almost 11 years
irssi.changes 0000015951 15.6 KB almost 10 years
irssi.spec 0000003861 3.77 KB almost 10 years
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