Tool to collect kernel oopses and submit them to is a website that tries to help the developers of the
Linux kernel by collecting so-called oopses, which are the crash
signatures of the Linux kernel. The collected oopses are processed
statistically to present information for the kernel developers, such as

* Which crash signatures occur the most? (and thus need to be fixed
most urgently)

* When did a certain crash signature show up first?

* Which API functions are the most error prone?

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
0001-kerneloops-add-debug-dbus-to-daemon-options.patch 0000001715 1.67 KB about 12 years
0001-syslog-the-submit-URL-as-well.patch 0000002121 2.07 KB about 12 years
0002-Fix-format-string-vulnerability.patch 0000000726 726 Bytes about 12 years
0003-Add-format-string-security-error-checking-to-build.patch 0000000993 993 Bytes about 12 years
kerneloops-0.12.tar.bz2 0000054270 53 KB about 12 years
kerneloops.changes 0000002187 2.14 KB almost 12 years
kerneloops.init 0000010749 10.5 KB about 12 years
kerneloops.spec 0000005451 5.32 KB almost 12 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes over 12 years
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