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Swing has lot of components built-in but still some are missing. This
project provides the developer community with these missing components,
components inspired (copied?!) from modern user interfaces.

The Components * JButtonBar it is a bar made of buttons [sic], you
have seen it in Mozilla Firebird, IntelliJ.

* JOutlookBar as seen in Outlook, it stacks components together and
allows only one of the stack to be visible at a given time. The
component extends the JTabbedPane, no surprise regarding its API.

* JFontChooser surprisingly Swing has no font chooser and
JFontChooser address this issue.

* PropertySheet it puts together a list of properties and their
editors. Each property is given a name, a type, a description.It
also supports JavaBeans through BeanInfos and

* JTipOfTheDay it brings the famous "Tip Of The Day" dialog to the
Swing toolkit.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License") see

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