Replacement for the crypt Command

A replacement for the old unix crypt(1) command. Mcrypt uses the
following encryption (block) algorithms: BLOWFISH, DES, TripleDES,
3-WAY, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-SK128, CAST-128, RC2 TEA (extended), TWOFISH,
RC6, IDEA, and GOST. The Unix crypt algorithm is also included to allow
compatibility with the crypt(1) command. CBC, ECB, OFB, and CFB modes
of encryption are supported.

Source Files
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mcrypt-2.6.7-format_strings.patch 0000000514 514 Bytes about 12 years
mcrypt-2.6.7-gettext.patch 0000000266 266 Bytes about 12 years
mcrypt-2.6.7-overflow.patch 0000000173 173 Bytes about 12 years
mcrypt-2.6.7-uninitialized.patch 0000000302 302 Bytes about 12 years
mcrypt-2.6.7.tar.bz2 0000388637 380 KB about 12 years
mcrypt.changes 0000004069 3.97 KB about 12 years
mcrypt.spec 0000003926 3.83 KB about 12 years
ready 0000000000 0 Bytes about 13 years
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