Linux NTFS-3G userspace filesystem with full write support

NTFS-3G allows for read/write access to NTFS partitions which can be
shared with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows


* No support for journaling. As a result, if the journal is dirty,
NTFS-3g has to refuse read-write mounts.

* No support for reading/writing compressed and encrypted files

* Only static permissions, set at mount time


* Implemented in user space though fuse. It is possible to balance
performance using normal processor and I/O priorities of the
ntfs-3g processes.

* NTFS-3g can detect if the filesystem to be mounted has been in use
by Windows when it hibernated and refuses read-write mount to
prevent data corruption as a result of Windows resuming with a
changed filesystem underneath.

Evaluating access permissions and file ownership is handled like in the
Linux FAT and other free Linux NTFS drivers: The access rights for all
files on the mounted partition can be set when mounting the filesystem
and are the same for all files. Requests to change access rights are
silently ignored.

Through the ntfs-3g web site, a version of ntfs-3g with permission
handling (which should be usable but is not released officially) can be

Compared to vanilla ntfs-3g, this version changes the default locale
fallback (when no working locale is defined) from hiding and rejecting
all non-ASCII path names to displaying and expecting UTF-8 encoding in
path names.

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