Epson Photo Image Print System Lite

This free software from Epson is a printer driver (filter) for Epson
color ink jet printers which support the Epson ESC/P-R printer
language. Do not confuse it with Epson's proprietary Photo Image Print
System (without the "Lite").

At the moment it is considered as "alpha" state because it is not in
compliance how CUPS works. For example there are no readymade PPD files
but you can create one by calling a special command. Additionally the
output device is fixed set for one single printer in /etc/ekpdrc and
the DeviceURI setting for the CUPS backend is ignored. Therefore it
should be possible to manually set up this software for CUPS (or for
another printing system like LPRng/lpdfilter) but there is no support
by any of the usual CUPS printer setup tools. Use to
setup and pipslite-install to make a PPD file. For documentation see
the "readmelite" files.

Once you have made such a PPD file, it may also work without the
special CUPS backend ekplp which requires the special ekpd daemon. I.e.
it may work only with the PPD file which uses the rastertopips filter
and the usual CUPS "usb" backend so that this setup would be in
compliance to CUPS.

Source Files
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pipslite-1.0.0-destbufferoverflow.patch 0000002029 1.98 KB over 11 years
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