A Client for Cisco VPN concentrator

A VPN client compatible with Cisco's EasyVPN equipment.

Cisco 3000, IOS routers, PIX/ASA Zecurity Appliances, and
Juniper/Netscreen as well as Nortel Contivity (experimental).

Supported Authentications: Pre-Shared-Key + XAUTH, Pre-Shared-Key
Supported IKE DH-Groups: dh1 dh2 dh5 Supported Hash Algo (IKE/IPSEC):
md5 sha1 Supported Encryptions (IKE/IPSEC): (null) (1des) 3des aes128
aes192 aes256 Perfect Forward Secrecy: nopfs dh1 dh2 dh5

It runs entirely in userspace and uses the TUN/TAP driver for access.

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