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ARAnyM (Atari Running on Any Machine)

ARAnyM is a multiplatform virtual machine (a software layer) for
running Atari ST/TT/Falcon TOS/GEM applications on any hardware with
many host operating systems. The reason for writing ARAnyM is to
provide Atari power users with faster and better machines. The ultimate
goal is to create a new platform where TOS/GEM applications could
continue to live forever.


* 68040 CPU (including MMU040)

* 68040 and 68881/2 FPU

* 14 MB ST-RAM and up to 3824 MB (configurable) of FastRAM

* VIDEL, Blitter, MFP, ACIA, IKBD for highest possible compatibility

* Sound (compatible with Atari XBIOS Sound subsystem, including

* Atari floppy DD/HD for connecting floppy image or real floppy

* Two IDE channels for connecting disk images, hard drives, or

* Extended keyboard and mouse support (including mouse wheel)

* Direct access to host file system via BetaDOS and MiNT xfs drivers

* Networking using ethernet emulation with a driver for MiNT-Net

* TOS 4.04, EmuTOS, or Linux as the booting operating system

* Runs with FreeMiNT, MagiC, and any other operating system that
runs also on real Atari computers

* Native CD-ROM access (under Linux, other OS: audio CD only) without
scsi, ide, or other emulation

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