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A GNU package for creating portable C++ program

Common C++ is a GNU package which offers portable "abstraction" of
system services such as threads, networks, and sockets. Common C++
also offers individual frameworks generally useful to developing
portable C++ applications including a object persistance engine, math
libraries, threading, sockets, etc. Common C++ is small, and highly
portable. Common C++ will support most Unix operating systems as well
as Win32, in addition to GNU/Linux.

Source Files
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commoncpp-charptr.diff 0000000468 468 Bytes over 12 years
commoncpp-libtool.diff 0000000451 451 Bytes over 13 years
commoncpp-socketmemcpy.dif 0000002090 2.04 KB almost 14 years
commoncpp-stdlib.diff 0000001218 1.19 KB over 11 years
commoncpp2-1.6.1.tar.bz2 0000662494 647 KB almost 14 years
commoncpp2.changes 0000009906 9.67 KB over 11 years
commoncpp2.spec 0000004255 4.16 KB over 11 years
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