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IMAP and POP3 Server Written Primarily with Security in Mind

Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server for Linux and UNIX-like systems,
written primarily with security in mind. Although it is written in C,
it uses several coding techniques to avoid most of the common pitfalls.

Dovecot can work with standard mbox and maildir formats and is fully
compatible with UW-IMAP and Courier IMAP servers as well as mail
clients accessing the mailboxes directly.

Timo Sirainen

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dovecot-2.0-pigeonhole-0.2.3.tar.bz2 0000856232 836 KB about 10 years
dovecot-2.0.13.tar.bz2 0002306951 2.2 MB almost 10 years
dovecot-2.0_pie.patch 0000001111 1.08 KB over 11 years
dovecot-fw 0000000388 388 Bytes over 10 years
dovecot-rpmlintrc 0000000122 122 Bytes over 11 years
dovecot.README.SuSE 0000000632 632 Bytes over 11 years
dovecot.init 0000001994 1.95 KB over 11 years
dovecot.pam 0000000165 165 Bytes over 11 years
dovecot20.changes 0000043055 42 KB over 9 years
dovecot20.spec 0000020606 20.1 KB over 9 years
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