Free Flash movie player

Gnash is a Free Flash movie player, which works either standalone, or
as a Firefox/Mozilla plugin.

Gnash supports the current Shockwave format, version 7. While all the
ActionScript classes exist, not all of the methods defined by the SWF
format documentation are implemented however, so not all flash movies
work 100% if they utilize any of the unimplemented methods. This is one
of the areas to work on to achieve full version 7 compliance.

Source Files
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gnash-0.8.5-build-fixes.diff 0000000571 571 Bytes over 10 years
gnash-0.8.8.tar.bz2 0003850383 3.67 MB almost 10 years
gnash-CVE-2011-4328.diff 0000003839 3.75 KB over 8 years
gnash-fix-insecure-temp-files.diff 0000001096 1.07 KB over 9 years
gnash-rpmlintrc 0000000080 80 Bytes almost 10 years
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