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A powerful, speedy, and sexy remote control for your GNOME Desktop

GNOME Do allows you to quickly search for many objects present in your
GNOME desktop environment (applications, Evolution contacts, Firefox
bookmarks, files, artists and albums in Rhythmbox, Pidgin buddies) and
perform commonly used commands on those objects (Run, Open, Email,
Chat, Play, etc.).

GNOME Do is inspired by Quicksilver (http://quicksilver.blacktree.com)
and GNOME Launch Box

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
gnome-do-0.8.4.tar.bz2 0000604808 591 KB over 10 years
gnome-do-OnlyShowIn.patch 0000000516 516 Bytes over 11 years
gnome-do-fix-keybindings-gconf.patch 0000004615 4.51 KB about 10 years
gnome-do-fix-kk.patch 0000000709 709 Bytes over 10 years
gnome-do-fix-warning-empty-keybinding.patch 0000001165 1.14 KB about 10 years
gnome-do-mono-2.8.patch 0000002626 2.56 KB over 10 years
gnome-do-no-disable-deprecated.patch 0000000902 902 Bytes over 10 years
gnome-do-quiet-autostart.patch 0000005393 5.27 KB about 10 years
gnome-do.changes 0000007464 7.29 KB about 10 years
gnome-do.spec 0000006366 6.22 KB about 10 years
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