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Library for Playing Atari XL/XE Tunes

libSap is a Linux port of the SAP Library, a software emulation of the
6502 microprocessor and the Pokey chip. Those two chips are used in
Atari XL/XE computers. SAP Library is used to run programs written in
6502 machine language, programs that are using the Pokey chip to play
tunes and sounds.

This package also contains sapplay, a simple command line-based player.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
libsap-1.51.1.dif 0000001004 1004 Bytes almost 15 years
libsap-1.51.1.tar.gz 0000039953 39 KB almost 15 years
libsap.changes 0000001436 1.4 KB almost 15 years
libsap.spec 0000002753 2.69 KB over 12 years
sapplay-0.2.dif 0000000586 586 Bytes almost 15 years
sapplay-0.2.tar.gz 0000003453 3.37 KB almost 15 years
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