A PAM Module that can Mount Volumes for a User Session

This module is aimed at environments with SMB (Samba or Windows NT) or
NCP (Netware or Mars-NWE) servers that Unix users wish to access
transparently. It facilitates access to private volumes of these types.
This module also supports mounting home directories using loopback
encrypted filesystems. The module was originally written for use on the
Linux operating system but has since been modified to work on several
flavors of BSD.

o Every user can access their own volumes

o The user only needs to type the password once (at login)

o The mounting process is transparent to the user

o There is no need to keep the login passwords in any additional files

o The volumes are unmounted on logout, so it saves system resources,
avoiding the need to list every possibly useful remote volume in
/etc/fstab or in an automount/supermount config file. This is also
necessary for securing encrypted filesystems.

Pam_mount "understands" SMB, NCP, and any type of filesystem that can
be mounted using the standard mount command. If someone has a
particular need for a different filesystem, feel free to ask me to
include it and send me patches.

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