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Syntax and style checker for Python code

Pylint analyzes Python source code looking for bugs and signs of poor

Pylint is a python tool that checks if a module satisfy a coding
standard. Pylint can be seen as another PyChecker since nearly all
tests you can do with PyChecker can also be done with Pylint. But
Pylint offers some more features, like checking line-code's length,
checking if variable names are well-formed according to your coding
standard, or checking if declared interfaces are truly implemented, and
much more (see the complete check list).

The big advantage with Pylint is that it is highly configurable,
customizable, and you can easily write a small plugin to add a personal

Please send any comment, patch or question to the python-projects
mailing-list. Before asking a question, please first search the
archives in case it would have already been answered. You may want to
use google and add "site:lists.logilab.org" to your keywords to narrow
your search. We will soon provide our own search engine.


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