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PythonCAD--CAD in Python

PythonCAD is a CAD package written in Python. The PythonCAD project
aims to produce a scriptable, open source, and easy to use CAD package.

Start it with gtkpycad.py from the command line.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
PythonCAD-DS1-R36.tar.bz2 0000367052 358 KB over 14 years
pythoncad-desktop.patch 0000000608 608 Bytes over 14 years
pythoncad-python26changes.patch 0000000810 810 Bytes about 13 years
pythoncad-rpmlintrc 0000000098 98 Bytes about 13 years
pythoncad.changes 0000003687 3.6 KB about 12 years
pythoncad.spec 0000002820 2.75 KB about 12 years
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