Transport independent RPC portmapper

Rpcbind is a replacement for portmap. Whereas portmap supports only UDP
and TCP transports over INET (IPv4), rpcbind can be configured to work
on various transports supported by the TI-RPC. This includes TCP and
UDP over IPv6. Moreover, rpcbind provides additional functions in
regards to portmap.

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pmap_set.c 0000001432 1.4 KB over 11 years
rpcbind-0.2.0_git201007131952.tar.xz 0000047040 45.9 KB over 9 years
rpcbind.changes 0000003341 3.26 KB over 9 years
rpcbind.init 0000001793 1.75 KB almost 12 years
rpcbind.spec 0000004293 4.19 KB over 9 years
rpcbind.xml 0000002865 2.8 KB almost 12 years
sysconfig.rpcbind 0000000173 173 Bytes almost 12 years
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