GNU implementation of tar ((t)ape (ar)chiver)

This package normally also includes the program "rmt", which provides
remote tape drive control. Since there are compatible versions of 'rmt'
in either the 'star' package or the 'dump' package, we didn't put 'rmt'
into this package. If you are planning to use the remote tape features
provided by tar you have to also install the 'dump' or the 'star'

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
tar-1.26.tar.bz2 0002339773 2.23 MB over 9 years
tar-backup-spec-fix-paths.patch 0000000791 791 Bytes almost 10 years
tar-disable-listed02-test.patch 0000000404 404 Bytes over 9 years
tar-disable_languages.patch 0000000271 271 Bytes over 10 years
tar-fortifysourcessigabrt.patch 0000000970 970 Bytes almost 10 years
tar-manpage.patch 0000001256 1.23 KB almost 10 years
tar-wildcards.patch 0000000492 492 Bytes almost 10 years
tar.changes 0000019188 18.7 KB over 9 years
tar.spec 0000003439 3.36 KB over 9 years
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