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Alternative Name Service Caching Daemon

unscd caches application requests for resolving hostnames,
user and group names and other things, and can dramatically improve
performance e.g. when using NIS or LDAP or even when just caching
DNS requests.

This is an alternative to the glibc-supplied nscd that has been
designed to be much simpler and more robust, but has fewer features
and may have somewhat worse performance.

Source Files
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COPYING 0000018007 17.6 KB over 12 years
init.d 0000003307 3.23 KB over 12 years
nscd-0.47.c 0000070572 68.9 KB about 11 years
nscd.conf 0000001292 1.26 KB almost 12 years
unscd.changes 0000004366 4.26 KB about 11 years
unscd.spec 0000002892 2.82 KB about 11 years
usr.sbin.nscd 0000001187 1.16 KB about 11 years
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