A Colorful and Flexible Window Manager

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Window Maker is a colorful and flexible window manager and
the designated successor of AfterStep. For more details, check

  • Developed at X11:windowmanagers
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  • osc -A https://api.opensuse.org checkout openSUSE:Factory/WindowMaker && cd $_
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Source Files
Filename Size Changed
README.SUSE 0000001109 1.08 KB
WindowMaker-0.95.9.tar.gz 0003397167 3.24 MB
WindowMaker-config.patch 0000011057 10.8 KB
WindowMaker-extra-0.1.tar.bz2 0000238844 233 KB
WindowMaker-menu.patch 0000146448 143 KB
WindowMaker-reproducible.patch 0000001631 1.59 KB
WindowMaker-rpmlintrc 0000000030 30 Bytes
WindowMaker.changes 0000031662 30.9 KB
WindowMaker.desktop 0000004833 4.72 KB
WindowMaker.spec 0000006278 6.13 KB
fix_wmgenmenu_paths.patch 0000002019 1.97 KB
theme.tar.bz2 0000000740 740 Bytes
windowmaker 0000002641 2.58 KB
wm-giflib.patch 0000058258 56.9 KB
Comments 3

david gomez's avatar

tech_bot wrote

I know is very soon but any idea about when will be available 0.95.9?

Michael Vetter's avatar

jubalh wrote

next week. we already have a submit request. i'll need to review.

david gomez's avatar

tech_bot wrote

It was one of the first I used around 1998 (don't remember what release) with red hat 5.2, and in those years I liked it more than others (that I don't remember eather). I'm curious how it's working now. Those very young gnome and KDE, aah... time passes. Thanks.

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