Bumblebee daemon is a rewrite of the original Bumblebee service, providing an elegant and stable means of managing Optimus hybrid graphics chipsets. A primary goal of this project is to not only enable use of the discrete GPU for rendering, but also to enable smart power management of the dGPU when it's not in use.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
Fix_build_with_GCC10.patch 0000002691 2.63 KB 4 months
bumblebee-3.2.1.tar.gz 0000143110 140 KB over 7 years
bumblebee-decimal-pciid.patch 0000000968 968 Bytes over 4 years
bumblebee-rpmlintrc 0000000068 68 Bytes over 2 years
bumblebee.changes 0000005766 5.63 KB 4 months
bumblebee.spec 0000004801 4.69 KB 4 months
nvidia-uvm-modeset-drm-support.patch 0000002701 2.64 KB over 4 years
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