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Web Front-End to Monitor System Data via RRDtool

This package is based on the package 'cacti' from project 'openSUSE:Factory:Contrib'.

Cacti is a complete front-end to RRDtool: it stores all necessary
information for creating graphs and populates them with data from a
MySQL database. The front-end is completely PHP driven. Along with
being ableto maintain graphs, data sources, and round robin archives
ina database, Cacti also handles data gathering. There exists an SNMP
support for those accustomed to creating traffic graphs with MRTG as

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
cacti-1.2.21.tar.gz 0040798454 38.9 MB about 1 month
cacti-config.patch 0000001639 1.6 KB about 2 years
cacti-cron.service 0000000183 183 Bytes about 2 years
cacti-cron.timer 0000000148 148 Bytes about 2 years
cacti-httpd.conf 0000000450 450 Bytes over 6 years
cacti-httpd.conf.default 0000002102 2.05 KB over 1 year
cacti-rpmlintrc 0000000519 519 Bytes about 2 years
cacti.changes 0000148145 145 KB about 1 month
cacti.cron 0000000078 78 Bytes over 6 years
cacti.logrotate 0000000169 169 Bytes over 6 years
cacti.spec 0000008524 8.32 KB about 1 month
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Franz Pförtsch's avatar

pfoerfr wrote about 1 year ago

Hello, could you please extend the cacti.spec file and change the own/group membership of the directories




to the apache daemon like on the rra directories other wise I always have to run the following after the package update

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/resource/snmp_queries/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/resource/script_server/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/resource/script_queries/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/scripts/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/scripts/boost/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/cache/mibcache/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/cache/realtime/

chown -R wwwrun.www /srv/www/cacti/cache/spikekill/

best regards Franz

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