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  • Developed at systemsmanagement:cockpit
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Source Files
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0001-selinux-allow-login-to-read-motd-file.patch 0000000604 604 Bytes
0002-selinux-temporary-remove-setroubleshoot-section.patch 0000000705 705 Bytes
README.packaging 0000001876 1.83 KB
_service 0000001110 1.08 KB
_servicedata 0000000462 462 Bytes
cockpit-276.1.obscpio 0019847181 18.9 MB
cockpit-rpmlintrc 0000000071 71 Bytes
cockpit-suse-theme.obscpio 0001275916 1.22 MB
cockpit-suse-theme.obsinfo 0000000102 102 Bytes
cockpit.changes 0000013474 13.2 KB
cockpit.obsinfo 0000000096 96 Bytes
cockpit.pam 0000000241 241 Bytes
cockpit.spec 0000026815 26.2 KB
css-overrides.patch 0000016471 16.1 KB
hide-docs.patch 0000006500 6.35 KB
hide-pcp.patch 0000001129 1.1 KB
node_modules.obscpio 0043998784 42 MB 0000090208 88.1 KB
package-lock.json 0000666281 651 KB
storage-btrfs.patch 0000000709 709 Bytes
suse-microos-branding.patch 0000003892 3.8 KB
Comments 9

Dashon Wells's avatar

d_air1 wrote

Would any of you also be willing to package the cockpit-podman module officially for openSUSE Tumbleweed and leap.

Ben Gawert's avatar

BTG_GAI wrote

Why is Cockpit only provided for Tumbleweed (a which is a rolling release distro which by its very nature isn't well suited as a server platform) but not for Leap (i.e. stable release distro and a much better server platform)? Would it not be possible to at least also package Cockpit for the current Leap version as well?

S├ębastien POHER's avatar

sogal wrote

New versions (>199) require systemd functionalities that are not provided by the systemd version of Leap 15.x I guess that there is no chance to get a Cockpit up to date version in the 15 branch.

Ben Gawert's avatar

BTG_GAI wrote

Leap 15.3 comes with systemd 246 which is newer than what Cockpit >199 requires (235?), so that obstacle is now gone.

We really need offical Cockpit support in Leap. After all, this is the openSUSE variant which will most likely end up on a server, not a rolling release distro like Tumbleweed.

Dmitry Markov's avatar

Werwolf2517 wrote

why is there no module cockpit-machines

Julian DeVille's avatar

peaceblaster wrote

Honestly proper Cockpit support would be the final step for me to migrate fully from Fedora, so much love if someone can get all the modules packaged nicely

Ivo Damjanovic's avatar

idnovic wrote

Me too. I would love to use cockpit with 15.3

Also please update this package. It is lagging behind.

Michael Brunner's avatar

sm0x wrote


I hope I am on the right place. I use cockpit 276.1 on openSUSE MicroOS and when I open the logs, I see the error message that sscg is missing.

I didn't found the package in the SUSE repositories therefore I installed it from Fedora Packages and the error message vanishes.

I do not know why this package is needed but maybe this helps someone.

Fabian Vogt's avatar

favogt wrote

Please file bug reports on

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