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cron automatically starts programs at specific times. Add new entries
with "crontab -e". (See "man 5 crontab" and "man 1 crontab" for

Under /etc, find the directories cron.hourly, cron.daily, cron.weekly,
and cron.monthly. Scripts and programs that are located there are
started automatically.

Source Files
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cron.service 0000000323 323 Bytes
cron_to_cronie.README 0000000181 181 Bytes
cronie-1.7.2.tar.gz 0000156043 152 KB
cronie-crond_pid.diff 0000000410 410 Bytes
cronie-nheader_lines.diff 0000002836 2.77 KB
cronie-pam_config-nonlogin.diff 0000000528 528 Bytes
cronie-pam_config.diff 0000000826 826 Bytes
cronie.changes 0000054506 53.2 KB
cronie.spec 0000009131 8.92 KB
deny.sample 0000000006 6 Bytes
fix-manpage-replace-anacrontab-with-crontab.patch 0000000837 837 Bytes
run-crons 0000009362 9.14 KB
sample.root 0000000720 720 Bytes
sysconfig.cron 0000002392 2.34 KB
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Georg Pfuetzenreuter's avatar

Hi, since the latest update (1.6.0) it seems to require debianutils, albeit the changelog not showing it to be a recent addition in %post (looks like it's there since a longer time already?) - is this expected for such a common SUSE package? I could not quite make out which part in %post it is required for - but maybe I missed it!

Danilo Spinella's avatar


This is the change from the changelog:

- Change default configuration to use run-parts from debianutils
  instead of run-crons

I have switched the cronie package to run-parts because it is a maintained script and it is used in various distributions, as opposed to run-crons which is SUSE specific. It fixes various shortcomings of run-crons, which got a couple of bugs reported in the last years. It is not needed in %post but it is a runtime dependency.

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