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This Dracut module integrates the OpenSSH sshd into your
initramfs. It allows for remote unlocking of a fully encrypted
root filesystem and remote access to the Dracut emergency shell
(i.e. early userspace).

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0001-Give-some-guidance-through-motd-prompt.patch 0000001703 1.66 KB about 2 years
dracut-sshd-0.6.1-2.tar.gz 0000022013 21.5 KB about 2 years
dracut-sshd.changes 0000002442 2.38 KB about 2 years
dracut-sshd.spec 0000002068 2.02 KB about 2 years
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Michael from Offenbach Germany's avatar

michael_of wrote almost 2 years ago

Hi all,

I've asked for help here: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/547776-Howto-Enter-unlock-phrase-for-encrypted-LUKS-remotely-for-a-VPS and got the friendly hint to ask via "comment" here.

My main question is: Could I use this repo also in Leap 15.2? Or any technical obstacles?

Regards, Michael

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