Audio effects for Pipewire and Pulseaudio applications

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EasyEffects is a limiter, compressor, reverberation, stereo equalizer and auto volume
effects for Pipewire and Pulseaudio applications.

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An plans to bump it to the newest version? :)

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Your current version always crashes on startup. Please see this issue on github, According to the author, the newest version of pipewire for Tumbleweed breaks your current version of easyeffects.

begin quote:

On PipeWire >= 0.3.44 you will need at least EasyEffects 6.2.2

The reason is that the latest PipeWire version has gone through some changes in how filters work. And unfortunately older EasyEffects versions will crash on it.

end quote:

So easyeffects is unusable on Tumbleweed until you upgrade it.



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This is not the place for such comments/requests. Go to the devel project instead, or even file a bug report, which ensures the right people get in the loop. See the top directory's comment please.

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Hi In version 6.3 I do not see the possibility of choosing a language. It is only English. There are translation files on GitHub. Do I have something wrong or in the OpenSuse version there is no choice of language?

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