Belgium eID Middleware

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Middleware and core stack for using the Belgian eID (electronic identity card).

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Source Files
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baselibs.conf 0000000012 12 Bytes
eid-mw-5.1.11-v5.1.11.tar.gz 0013511439 12.9 MB
eid-mw-5.1.11-v5.1.11.tar.gz.asc 0000000833 833 Bytes
eid-mw.changes 0000003585 3.5 KB
eid-mw.keyring 0000001644 1.61 KB
eid-mw.spec 0000007730 7.55 KB
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Open Webdesign Germany's avatar

openwebdesigngermany wrote

Please note that there is a version 5.0.23 available, can you update the source code? There are some issues when using outdated versions of the eID-MW.

Shin's avatar

ShintoPlasm wrote

This version is out of date, and has been for a while. Version 5.1.4 is currently the latest on the publisher's website:

Source code tarball can be downloaded from:

Marcus Meissner's avatar

msmeissn wrote

Will do an update.

fun thing is they provide opensuse builds and it seems they even have their own buildservice doing this.

Shin's avatar

ShintoPlasm wrote

Brilliant, thank you.

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ShintoPlasm wrote

Latest Linux-specific version update (v5.1.11) is here:

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