Basic Directory Layout

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This package installs the basic directory structure. It also includes
the home directories of system users.

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filesystem.spec 0000008966 8.76 KB
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ghost.list64 0000000032 32 Bytes
languages 0000000644 644 Bytes 0000000109 109 Bytes
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Stefan Kluth's avatar

Dear filesystem,

I have a somewhat tricky problem with this package: when building a singularity container image with singularity build --fakeroot <name>.sif <name>.def an error

error: unpacking of archive failed on file /dev: cpio: chown

is thrown. Everything else installs fine.

Looking at the "directory.list" there is an entry

0755 root root /dev

which could possibly be the source of the error.

In a container, /dev is by default bind-mounted from the host and thus trying to create /dev during the install causes the error. Other bind-mounted directories exist (/tmp, /proc, /sys), with different permissions from /dev in your .list files, and these don't cause problems.

Do you think filesystem could be made to test if a /dev already exists (because it installs in a container with /dev bind-mounted from the host) and then don't install, or use different permissions, or do something else graceful?

Regards, Stefan

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