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The GNOME Shell redefines user interactions with the GNOME desktop. In
particular, it offers new paradigms for launching applications, accessing
documents, and organizing open windows in GNOME.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000724 724 Bytes
endSession-dialog-update-time-label-every-sec.patch 0000000664 664 Bytes
gnome-shell-45.1.obscpio 0016601613 15.8 MB
gnome-shell-add-linkoption-dl.patch 0000000430 430 Bytes
gnome-shell-disable-ibus-when-not-installed.patch 0000001219 1.19 KB
gnome-shell-disable-offline-update-dialog.patch 0000000840 840 Bytes
gnome-shell-domain.patch 0000014228 13.9 KB
gnome-shell-executable-path-not-absolute.patch 0000002275 2.22 KB
gnome-shell-exit-crash-workaround.patch 0000000419 419 Bytes
gnome-shell-fate324570-Make-GDM-background-image-configurable.patch 0000004642 4.53 KB
gnome-shell-gdm-login-applet.patch 0000007179 7.01 KB
gnome-shell-jsc#SLE-16051-Input-method-recommendation.patch 0000002075 2.03 KB
gnome-shell-jscSLE9267-Remove-sessionList-of-endSessionDialog.patch 0000001047 1.02 KB
gnome-shell-private-connection.patch 0000001922 1.88 KB
gnome-shell-screen-disappear.patch 0000000660 660 Bytes
gnome-shell.changes 0000371230 363 KB
gnome-shell.obsinfo 0000000099 99 Bytes
gnome-shell.spec 0000015345 15 KB
gnome-shell_nb_fix_trans.patch 0000000292 292 Bytes
gs-fate318433-prevent-same-account-multi-logins.patch 0000001554 1.52 KB
noise-texture.png 0000079464 77.6 KB
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Johnny A.'s avatar

Hi! I've been helping the GNOME Project test patches that fix multiple very common GNOME Shell 40 and 41 crashes, as seen in this pull request:

The patches fix 1 crash that happens with vanilla GNOME, and multiple crashes that happens with extensions that incorrectly add "OR windows" to GNOME's overview (this is done by extensions such as Pop Shell).

These are severe and very disruptive crashes of the entire GNOME desktop, and the patch fixes all of them. So I suggest that openSUSE applies those patches too, so that users won't have to wait for upcoming GNOME releases.

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