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A kakoune / neovim inspired editor, written in Rust.

* Vim-like modal editing
* Multiple selections
* Built-in language server support
* Smart, incremental syntax highlighting and code editing via tree-sitter

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Otis Sutton's avatar

Should the runtime/queries (https://github.com/helix-editor/helix/tree/master/runtime/queries) directory be included with the installation? Without this syntax highlighting does not work.

Currently /usr/lib64/helix/runtime contains grammars (after running helix --grammar fetch and helix --grammar build) but no queries directory.

I did try looking for a command in the Helix documentation similar to helix --grammar fetch to fetch the queries but it does not appear this exists.

Soc Virnyl Estela's avatar

Oh thanks. I forgot to update the specfile when I came across this issue https://github.com/helix-editor/helix/issues/2123#issuecomment-1121619464. I will rework the specfile to move runtime/queries in the helix package from helix-runtime

Soc Virnyl Estela's avatar

On second thought, I don't think I will move this... My idea to separate this was because to make a very plain helix editor without extra features, hence, no syntax-highlighting, no LSP definitions, and no grammars. If someone wants to have syntax highlighting, they need to install the helix-runtime package which bundles queries, LSP definitions and tree-sitter grammars.

Otis Sutton's avatar

Ahhhhh that's what I was missing!

Thank you so much!

Soc Virnyl Estela's avatar

I put Suggests in the spec so after installation, zypper will suggest the helix-runtime package. I don't really mind to change it to Recommends but some people are frugal on installations for a text editor. Oh well.

Tom Mills's avatar

Helix has updated to 23.03, thanks for maintaining!

Krisztián Szegi's avatar

Also thank you for the packaging (and if you have the time, please build the new version)!

Soc Virnyl Estela's avatar

hello. I have now pushed 23.03 to the devel project, waiting for it to succeed so i can push it here :D sorry i got delays because of the holidays

Tom Mills's avatar

No worries at all, thanks again and enjoy your holidaying!

Soc Virnyl Estela's avatar

Submitted 23.03 yesterday. Lots of changes of the build configuration so I was bonking my head hard until I checked other build scripts from other distros. Looking forward to it in Factory :D

EDIT: oh lol it is now in factory :D

Eyad Issa's avatar

The helix-runtime does not require helix as a dependency

Soc Virnyl Estela's avatar

i mean you can just helix -g fetch it. it's a recommends so it will be installed in default zypper configurations unless it's a container image e.g. in distrobox (podman)

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