Utility for IPMI Control

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This package contains a utility for interfacing with devices that
support the Intelligent Platform Management Interface specification.
IPMI is an open standard for machine health, inventory, and remote
power control.

This utility can communicate with IPMI-enabled devices through either a
kernel driver such as OpenIPMI or over the RMCP LAN protocol defined in
the IPMI specification. IPMIv2 adds support for encrypted LAN
communications and remote Serial-over-LAN functionality.

It provides commands for reading the Sensor Data Repository (SDR) and
displaying sensor values, displaying the contents of the System Event
Log (SEL), printing Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) information, reading
and setting LAN configuration, and chassis power control.

Source Files
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0001-Enhance-fwum-output.patch 0000001487 1.45 KB
0002-Fix-file-permissions.patch 0000000982 982 Bytes
0003-Cleanup-and-compiler-issues-only-no-functional-chang.patch 0000001861 1.82 KB
0004-Adjust-SUSE-paths.patch 0000002053 2 KB
0005-HPM-x-compatibility-message-is-DEBUG-only.patch 0000000855 855 Bytes
Fix-time-format-for-sel-list-v.patch 0000001866 1.82 KB
_service 0000000941 941 Bytes
_servicedata 0000000238 238 Bytes
enterprise-numbers 0004675704 4.46 MB
ipmievd.service 0000000236 236 Bytes
ipmievd.sysconf 0000000054 54 Bytes
ipmitool- 0003046412 2.91 MB
ipmitool.changes 0000023818 23.3 KB
ipmitool.obsinfo 0000000110 110 Bytes
ipmitool.spec 0000005679 5.55 KB
lanp-Fix-error-response-from-Unsupported-Parameter-lookup.patch.txt 0000001192 1.16 KB
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IPMI must be an important standard since geometry dash world allows access to things like machine health and power control.

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