Framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks

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The goals of the kBuild framework: - Similar behavior across all
supported platforms
- Flexibility, don't create unnecessary restrictions preventing
ad-hoc solutions
- Makefiles can be simple to write and maintain
- One configuration file for a subtree automatically included
- Target configuration templates as the primary mechanism for
makefile simplification
- Tools and SDKs for helping out the templates with flexibility
- Non-recursive makefile method by using sub-makefiles

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Source Files
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aarch64.patch 0000002630 2.57 KB
glob-lstat.patch 0000002091 2.04 KB
kbuild-0.1.9998svn3427.tar.bz2 0002807755 2.68 MB
kbuild-armv7l.diff 0000000455 455 Bytes
kbuild-dummy_noreturn.diff 0000000773 773 Bytes
kbuild-man.diff 0000000573 573 Bytes
kbuild-pthread.diff 0000000534 534 Bytes
kbuild-timestamps.diff 0000001681 1.64 KB
kbuild-wrong-memset.patch 0000000553 553 Bytes
kbuild.changes 0000010329 10.1 KB
kbuild.spec 0000003007 2.94 KB
ppc64le.patch 0000004274 4.17 KB
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Larry Finger's avatar

lwfinger wrote

I am trying to build VirtualBox 5.2.0, but Oracle reports that it needs a "newer" version. According to, the latest is Revision 3109. Any plans to make this update?

I have no real interest is pushing VB 5.2.0, but I would like to be able to build and test 5.2.2, which is likely to be out fairly soon.


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