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Lazarus is a free and open source Rapid Application Development
tool for the FreePascal compiler using the Lazarus component
library - LCL. The LCL is included in this package.

Source Files
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_constraints 0000000280 280 Bytes
lazarus-3.4-0.tar.gz 0087535234 83.5 MB
lazarus-Makefile_patch.diff 0000001062 1.04 KB
lazarus-rpmlintrc 0000000049 49 Bytes
lazarus.appdata.xml 0000001097 1.07 KB
lazarus.changes 0000018635 18.2 KB
lazarus.desktop.patch 0000000727 727 Bytes
lazarus.spec 0000015855 15.5 KB
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Eric Schirra's avatar

And again this crappy spliting breaks the construction of some packages. Before all necessary packages were in the lazarus package. Now some are missing. Now you have to search a long time for them, because developers don't specify such a granular dependency. What is the point of this splitting anyway? Saving a few MB on the disk? In times where distributions proclaim the use of flatpack and consorten? Please undo it again.

Alexander Novichkov's avatar

Please building Lazarus 3.0

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