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Linphone is a Web phone with a Qt interface.
It lets you make two-party calls over IP networks such as the Internet.
It uses the IETF protocols SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) to make calls, so it should be able to communicate with other SIP-based Web phones. With several codecs available, it can be used with high speed connections as well as 28k modems.

Source Files
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linphone-desktop-5.1.2.tar.bz2 0002501581 2.39 MB
linphone.appdata.xml 0000001144 1.12 KB
linphoneqt-0002-remove-bc_compute_full_version-usage.patch 0000002784 2.72 KB
linphoneqt-fix-no-git.patch 0000000327 327 Bytes
linphoneqt.changes 0000017163 16.8 KB
linphoneqt.spec 0000006039 5.9 KB
linphoneqt_fix_gcc12_error.patch 0000000638 638 Bytes
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Installcheck problems for x86_64

  • nothing provides libmediastreamer.so.11()(64bit) needed by linphone-desktop-5.1.2.x86_64
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