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New curses Libraries

As soon as a text application needs to directly control its output to
the screen (if it wants to place the cursor at location (x,y) then
write text), ncurses is used. The panel and the forms libraries are
included in this package. These new libraries support color, special
characters, and panels.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
README.devel 2.85 KB over 3 years ago Download File
baselibs.conf 443 Bytes about 8 years ago Download File
check-build.sh 989 Bytes over 4 years ago Download File
edit.sed 502 Bytes almost 5 years ago Download File
handle.linux 2.21 KB over 3 years ago Download File
ncurses-5.7-tack.dif 366 Bytes almost 3 years ago Download File
ncurses-5.9-environment.dif 991 Bytes 3 months ago Download File
ncurses-5.9-ibm327x.dif 418 Bytes 3 months ago Download File
ncurses-6.0-patches.tar.bz2 854 KB about 2 months ago Download File
ncurses-6.0.dif 34.3 KB about 2 months ago Download File
ncurses-6.0.tar.gz 2.99 MB about 1 year ago Download File
ncurses-rpmlintrc 168 Bytes over 4 years ago Download File
ncurses.changes 173 KB about 2 months ago Download File
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Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 420449 about 1 month ago (revision 119)
- Add ncurses patch 20160813
  + add a dependency upon generated-sources in Ada95/src/Makefile.in to
    handle a case of "configure && make install".
  + trim trailing blanks from include/Caps*, to work around a problem
    in sed (Debian #818067).

- Add ncurses patch 20160806
  + improve CF_GNU_SOURCE configure macro to optionally define
    _DEFAULT_SOURCE work around a nuisance in recent glibc releases.
  + move the terminfo-specific parts of tput's "reset" function into
    the shared reset_cmd.c, making the two forms of reset use the same
  + split-out the terminal initialization functions from tset as
    progs/reset_cmd.c, as part of changes to merge the reset-feature
    with tput.

- Add ncurses patch 20160730
  + change tset's initialization to allow it to get settings from the
    standard input as well as /dev/tty, to be more effective when
    output or error are redirected.
  + improve discussion of history and portability for tset/reset/tput
    manual pages.
- Add ncurses patch 20160723
  + improve error message from tset/reset when both stderr/stdout are
    redirected to a file or pipe.
  + improve organization of curs_attr.3x, curs_color.3x
- Add ncurses patch 20160709
  + work around Debian's antique/unmaintained version of mawk when
    building link_test.
  + improve test/list_keys.c, showing ncurses's convention of modifiers

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Björn Voigt bjoernv wrote 4 months ago

There is a question about some configure options here: