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New curses Libraries

As soon as a text application needs to directly control its output to
the screen (if it wants to place the cursor at location (x,y) then
write text), ncurses is used. The panel and the forms libraries are
included in this package. These new libraries support color, special
characters, and panels.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
README.devel 2.85 KB over 2 years ago Download File
baselibs.conf 443 Bytes over 7 years ago Download File
check-build.sh 989 Bytes over 3 years ago Download File
edit.sed 502 Bytes about 4 years ago Download File
handle.linux 2.21 KB over 2 years ago Download File
ncurses-5.7-tack.dif 366 Bytes about 2 years ago Download File
ncurses-5.9-environment.dif 864 Bytes about 2 years ago Download File
ncurses-5.9-ibm327x.dif 333 Bytes almost 2 years ago Download File
ncurses-6.0-patches.tar.bz2 318 KB 17 days ago Download File
ncurses-6.0.dif 33.9 KB 27 days ago Download File
ncurses-6.0.tar.gz 2.99 MB 3 months ago Download File
ncurses-rpmlintrc 168 Bytes almost 4 years ago Download File
ncurses.changes 160 KB 17 days ago Download File
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Latest Revision

Stephan Kulow Stephan Kulow (coolo) accepted request 343821 6 days ago (revision 110)
- Add ncurses patch 20151107
  + modify tset's assignment to TERM in its output to reflect the name by
    which the terminal description is found, rather than the primary
    name.  That was an unnecessary part from the initial conversion of
    tset from termcap to terminfo.  The termcap program in 4.3BSD did
    this to avoid using the short 2-character name (report by Rich
  + minor fix to configure script to ensure that rules for resulting.map
    are only generated when needed (cf: 20151101).
  + modify configure script to handle the case where tic-library is
    renamed, but the --with-debug option is used by itself without
    normal or shared libraries (prompted by comment in Debian #803482).
- Add ncurses patch 20151101
  + amend change for pkg-config which allows build of pc-files when no
    valid pkg-config library directory was configured to suppress the
    actual install if it is not overridden to a valid directory at
    install time (cf: 20150822).
  + modify editing script which generates resulting.map to work with the
    clang configuration on recent FreeBSD, which gives an error on an
    empty "local" section.
  + fix a spurious "(Part)" message in test/ncurses.c b/B tests due
    to incorrect attribute-masking.
- Add ncurses patch 20151024
  + modify MKexpanded.c to update the expansion of a temporary filename
    to "expanded.c", for use in trace statements.
  + modify layout of b/B tests in test/ncurses.c to allow for additional
    annotation on the right margin; some terminals with partial support
    did not display well.
  + fix typo in curs_attr.3x (patch by Sven Joachim).
  + fix typo in INSTALL (patch by Tomas Cech).

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