An OBS source service: running all the osc source-validator checks

This is a source service for openSUSE Build Service.

This service runs all checks from osc-source_validator. This can be used
to guarantee that all checks succeed also on the service side. This plugin can be
used via project wide defined services.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed
_service 0000000607 607 Bytes over 2 years
_servicedata 0000000248 248 Bytes 11 months
debian.dsc 0000000226 226 Bytes 11 months
obs-service-source_validator-0.19.tar.bz2 0000059222 57.8 KB 11 months
obs-service-source_validator.changes 0000018771 18.3 KB 11 months
obs-service-source_validator.spec 0000002135 2.08 KB 11 months
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