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Secure Shell Client and Server (Remote Login Program)

SSH (Secure Shell) is a program for logging into and executing commands
on a remote machine. It is intended to replace rsh (rlogin and rsh) and
provides openssl (secure encrypted communication) between two untrusted
hosts over an insecure network.

xorg-x11 (X Window System) connections and arbitrary TCP/IP ports can
also be forwarded over the secure channel.

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
0001-upstream-Fix-two-race-conditions-in-sshd-relating-to.patch 8.07 KB Download File
README.FIPS 3.2 KB Download File
README.SUSE 1.01 KB Download File
README.kerberos 528 Bytes Download File
cavs_driver-ssh.pl 5.28 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-IPv6_X_forwarding.patch 1.66 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-X11_trusted_forwarding.patch 1.7 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-X_forward_with_disabled_ipv6.patch 1.04 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-allow_root_password_login.patch 2.11 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-audit.patch 66 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-cavstest-ctr.patch 7.85 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-cavstest-kdf.patch 13.6 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-disable_openssl_abi_check.patch 1.89 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-eal3.patch 1.25 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-enable_PAM_by_default.patch 1.04 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-fips.patch 27.5 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-fips_checks.patch 12 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-gssapi_key_exchange.patch 106 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-host_ident.patch 1.08 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-hostname_changes_when_forwarding_X.patch 2.44 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-ldap.patch 84.6 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-no_fork-no_pid_file.patch 893 Bytes Download File
openssh-7.7p1-pam_check_locks.patch 4.67 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-pts_names_formatting.patch 1.46 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-remove_xauth_cookies_on_exit.patch 1.46 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-seccomp_ioctl_s390_EP11.patch 1.47 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-seccomp_ipc_flock.patch 1.4 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-seccomp_stat.patch 801 Bytes Download File
openssh-7.7p1-seed-prng.patch 10 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-send_locale.patch 1.89 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-sftp_force_permissions.patch 3.76 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-sftp_print_diagnostic_messages.patch 2.21 KB Download File
openssh-7.7p1-systemd-notify.patch 2.51 KB Download File
openssh-7.9p1-CVE-2018-20685.patch 1.11 KB Download File
openssh-7.9p1-brace-expansion.patch 8.3 KB Download File
openssh-7.9p1.tar.gz 1.49 MB Download File
openssh-7.9p1.tar.gz.asc 683 Bytes Download File
openssh-CVE-2019-6109-force-progressmeter-update.patch 3.37 KB Download File
openssh-CVE-2019-6109-sanitize-scp-filenames.patch 7.78 KB Download File
openssh-CVE-2019-6111-scp-client-wildcard.patch 5.46 KB Download File
openssh-askpass-gnome.changes 10.4 KB Download File
openssh-askpass-gnome.spec 2.11 KB Download File
openssh-openssl-1_0_0-compatibility.patch 1.5 KB Download File
openssh.changes 172 KB Download File
openssh.spec 12.3 KB Download File
ssh-askpass 355 Bytes Download File
ssh.reg 500 Bytes Download File
sshd-gen-keys-start 161 Bytes Download File
sshd.fw 135 Bytes Download File
sshd.pamd 404 Bytes Download File
sshd.service 394 Bytes Download File
sysconfig.ssh 162 Bytes Download File

Comments for openSUSE:Factory (3)

marodger wrote almost 2 years ago

Is it possible to upgrade to a more recent version, please?

fisu81 wrote 9 months ago

openSSH-7.8 is available

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