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The purpose of PCSC Lite is to provide a Windows(R) SCard interface in
a very small form factor for communication with smart cards and
readers. PCSC Lite can be compiled directly for a desired reader driver
or can be used to dynamically allocate/deallocate reader drivers at
runtime (the default behavior).

PCSC Lite uses the same winscard API as used in Windows(R).

Security aware people should read the SECURITY file for possible
vulnerabilities of pcsclite and how to fix them. For information on how
to install drivers please read the DRIVERS file.

Memory cards will be supported through the MCT specification, which is
an APDU like manner sent normally through the SCardTransmit() function.
This functionality is exercised in the driver.

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André Werlang's avatar

Hello. systemd isn't required for operation of pcscd, I propose systemd being moved as a recommendation instead. A container wouldn't need systemd to use pcsc-lite for instance.

Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

You are most likely right. Almost no daemon requires systemd. On the other hand the whole integration is based on systemd with socket activation and stuff. As this seem to be some sort of new requirement and potentially affects many packages can you point me to an example of a package which works as you suggested? Or a pointer to the packaging guidelines where there are hints about that?

André Werlang's avatar

I found a single package which looking at the .spec it doesn't seem to require systemd directly (although requires it indirectly): gdm-systemd. It's not even a recommended package though, so not the same thing.

The guidelines talk about %{?systemd_requires} 1. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm the first to install a daemon on an openSUSE container. We have to catch up on this trend.


1) Use %systemd_ordering instead 2; 2) Split the package to pcsc-lite-systemd, which requires systemd and provides the systemd unit file(s) 3. Existing installs should pick up the new package automatically. The subpackage would then be recommended for new installs. And containers won't have it.

Whether for desktops, servers or containers, either option works.

Thanks for considering it!

André Werlang's avatar

For completeness, talk from another community 1. Removing systemd as a requirement (in all packages that don't absolutely need it) free us from discussing a need for a fakesystemd 3.

Wolfgang Rosenauer's avatar

ok, removing the dependency on systemd might be possible but actually the pcscd actually currently is using libsystemd. So actually this would require two different variants one with and one without libsystemd support!?

André Werlang's avatar

pcsc-lite-lite? Probably we wouldn't like to have that. Unless openSUSE creates a release targeted at containers, I guess keeping libsystem0 is a good compromise. Keeping systemctl out of the image is progress (for containers of course).

André Werlang's avatar

Hello again, I just noticed that there's new official guidance, just in time ;) https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Systemd_packaging_guidelines#Requirements

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