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Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename

Many online services that are centered around CPAN attempt to associate
multiple uploads by extracting a distribution name from the filename of the
upload. For most distributions this is easy as they have used
ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build to create the distribution, which
results in a uniform name. But sadly not all uploads are created in this

'CPAN::DistnameInfo' uses heuristics that have been learnt by the
http://search.cpan.org/ manpage to extract the distribution name and
version from filenames and also report if the version is to be treated as a
developer release

The constructor takes a single pathname, returning an object with the
following methods

* cpanid

If the path given looked like a CPAN authors directory path, then this
will be the the CPAN id of the author.

* dist

The name of the distribution

* distvname

The file name with any suffix and leading directory names removed

* filename

If the path given looked like a CPAN authors directory path, then this
will be the path to the file relative to the detected CPAN author
directory. Otherwise it is the path that was passed in.

* maturity

The maturity of the distribution. This will be either 'released' or

* extension

The extension of the distribution, often used to denote the archive type
(e.g. 'tar.gz')

* pathname

The pathname that was passed to the constructor when creating the object.

* properties

This will return a list of key-value pairs, suitable for assigning to a
hash, for the known properties.

* version

The extracted version

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