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SSH2 Module for Python

Paramiko is a module for python 2.2 (or higher) that implements the
SSH2 protocol for secure (encrypted and authenticated) connections to
remote machines.

Unlike SSL (aka TLS), the SSH2 protocol does not require hierarchical
certificates signed by a powerful central authority. you may know SSH2
as the protocol that replaced telnet and rsh for secure access to
remote shells, but the protocol also includes the ability to open
arbitrary channels to remote services across the encrypted tunnel --
this is how sftp works, for example.

It is written entirely in python (no C or platform-dependent code) and
is released under the GNU LGPL (lesser GPL).

Source Files

Filename Size Changed Actions
paramiko-2.0.0.tar.gz 1.31 MB about 2 months ago Download File
python-paramiko.changes 17.5 KB 21 days ago Download File
python-paramiko.spec 2.13 KB about 2 months ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 407224 15 days ago (revision 28)
- fix build

- fix source url

- update to 2.0.0:
  * Add support for 384- and 512-bit elliptic curve groups in ECDSA
    key types (aka ecdsa-sha2-nistp384 / ecdsa-sha2-nistp521).
  * Due to an earlier bugfix, less-specific Host blocks' ProxyCommand
    values were overriding ProxyCommand none in more-specific Host
    blocks. This has been fixed in a backwards compatible manner (i.e.
    ProxyCommand none continues to appear as a total lack of any
    proxycommand key in parsed config structures).
  * Fix a backwards incompatibility issue that cropped up in 
    SFTPFile.prefetch <~paramiko.sftp_file.prefetch> re: the 
    erroneously non-optional file_size parameter. Should only affect 
    users who manually call prefetch. 
  * Replace PyCrypto with the Python Cryptographic Authority (PyCA)
    'Cryptography' library suite. This improves security,
    installability, and performance; adds PyPy support; and much more.
  * Fix stalled/hung SFTP downloads by cleaning up some threading lock
  * Fix a Python 3 compatibility issue when handling two-factor
  * Clean up setup.py to always use setuptools, not doing so was a 
    historical artifact from bygone days.
  * Update the module in charge of handling SSH moduli so it's
    consistent with OpenSSH behavior re: prime number selection. 
  * Fix up ~paramiko.ssh_exception.NoValidConnectionsError so it 
    pickles correctly, and fix a related Python 3 compatibility issue.
  * Update to jaraco.windows 3.4.1 to fix some errors related to

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