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A utility to trace the system calls of a program

With strace, you can trace the activity of a program.  Information
about any system calls the program makes and the signals it receives
and processes can be seen.  Child processes can also be tracked.

Source Files

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baselibs.conf 761 Bytes over 1 year ago Download File
strace-4.12.tar.xz 788 KB about 2 months ago Download File
strace-4.12.tar.xz.asc 819 Bytes about 2 months ago Download File
strace.changes 47.3 KB about 2 months ago Download File
strace.keyring 12.8 KB 7 months ago Download File
strace.spec 2.7 KB about 2 months ago Download File

Latest Revision

Dominique Leuenberger Dominique Leuenberger (dimstar_suse) accepted request 399948 about 2 months ago (revision 55)
- Update to strace 4.12.
  * Improvements
    * Implemented simultaneous use of -p option and tracing of a command.
    * Implemented caching of netlink conversations to reduce amount of time
      spent in decoding socket details in -yy mode.
    * Implemented -yy mode decoding of protocol:portid pairs associated with
      netlink socket descriptors.
    * Implemented decoding of copy_file_range, preadv2, and pwritev2 syscalls.
    * Implemented dumping of preadv, preadv2, pwritev, pwritev2, and vmsplice
    * Implemented decoding of BTRFS_* and UFFDIO_* ioctl commands.
    * Enhanced decoding of BLK*, EVIOC*, RTC_*, and VIDIOC_* ioctl commands.
    * Enhanced decoding of fstatfs, fstatfs64, get_mempolicy, getdents,
      getdents64, getgroups, getpriority, kill, mbind, migrate_pages, mknod,
      mknodat, personality, poll, ppoll, quotactl, rt_sigpending,
      rt_sigqueueinfo, rt_sigtimedwait, rt_tgsigqueueinfo, sched_getaffinity,
      sched_setaffinity, seccomp, set_mempolicy, setgroups, setpriority, statfs,
      statfs64, tgkill, waitid, and xattr family syscalls.
    * Enhanced decoding of getxpid, getxuid, and getxgid syscalls on alpha.
    * Enhanced decoding of pipe syscall on alpha, ia64, mips, sh, and sparc.
    * Added decoding of bind, listen, and setsockopt direct syscalls on sparc.
    * Added decoding of osf_statfs64 and osf_fstatfs64 syscalls on alpha.
    * Added decoding of fadvise64 and fadvise64_64 on s390.
    * Updated lists of AF_*, BPF_MAP_TYPE_*, CLONE_*, EPOLL*, IPV6_*, MADV_*,
      MSG_*, PTRACE_*, SEGV_*, SO_*, SOL_*, *_MAGIC, and quotactl constants.
    * Updated lists of ioctl commands from Linux 4.6.
  * Bug fixes
    * Fixed build on arc, metag, nios2, or1k, and tile architectures.
    * Fixed decoding of 32-bit times syscall return value on 64-bit architectures.
    * Fixed decoding of mlock2 syscall on sparc. (forwarded request 399945 from AndreasSchwab)

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