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System V style init programs by Miquel van Smoorenburg that control the
booting and shutdown of your system. These support a number of system
runlevels, each one associated with a specific set of utilities. For
example, the normal system runlevel is 3, which starts a getty on
virtual consoles tty1-tty6. Runlevel 5 starts xdm. Runlevel 0 shuts
down the system. See the individual man pages for inittab, initscript,
halt, init, powerd, reboot, runlevel, shutdown, and telinit for
more information.

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killproc-2.23.tar.gz 0000054131 52.9 KB
startpar-0.58.dif 0000000451 451 Bytes
startpar-0.65.tar.xz 0000024624 24 KB
startpar-0.65.tar.xz.sig 0000000313 313 Bytes
sysvinit-2.88dsf-suse.patch 0000000659 659 Bytes
sysvinit-2.90-no-kill.patch 0000006378 6.23 KB
sysvinit-2.90.dif 0000001886 1.84 KB
sysvinit-3.08.tar.xz 0000268296 262 KB
sysvinit-3.08.tar.xz.sig 0000000833 833 Bytes
sysvinit.changes 0000098001 95.7 KB
sysvinit.keyring 0000008010 7.82 KB
sysvinit.spec 0000005204 5.08 KB
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Thanks for sharing some individual pages like inittab, initscript, halt, init, powerd, reboot, runlevel,bitlife, shutdown, and telinit. It is very useful.

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