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0001-use-bundled-webrtc.patch 0000000582 582 Bytes
0002-use-bundled-rnnoise-expected-gsl-ranges-webrtc.patch 0000003165 3.09 KB
0003-revert-webrtc-cmake-target-file.patch 0000000652 652 Bytes
0004-use-dynamic-x-libraries.patch 0000000490 490 Bytes
_constraints 0000000572 572 Bytes
rnnoise-git20210122.tar.gz 0000173774 170 KB
tdesktop-5.2.3-full.tar.gz 0069745773 66.5 MB
telegram-desktop.changes 0000101991 99.6 KB
telegram-desktop.spec 0000011371 11.1 KB 0025189554 24 MB 0000003324 3.25 KB 0000000694 694 Bytes
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Adrien Glauser's avatar

Hey Dominique and Marcel, any news about the upcoming updates? The official build is currently 2.7.0 so I wondered if you guys needed a hand. Perhaps I can help if you show me the ropes :)

M K's avatar

Hey, sadly I haven't managed a successful build since the release of 2.6.x, if you want to help feel free to have a look at my branch and send SRs / patches my way or to the server:messaging repo directly

Adrien Glauser's avatar

I barely started getting into packaging so sorry if I am stating the obvious, but isn't your error log like the error log you would get if ../Telegram/ThirdParty/tgcalls/tgcalls/group/StreamingPart.h didn't have access to cstdint? There's definitely something fishy about a basic type annotation like that not being parsed appropriately.

Luciano Santos's avatar

This is no place for requests, see the top directory's comment. Use the devel projects instead which hold the package maintainers, or the mailing list, or the bugzilla and stop posting comments here please.

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