Object-oriented Scientific Computing Library


O2scl is a C++ library for object-oriented numerical programming. It
includes interpolation, differentiation, integration, roots of
polynomials, equation solving, minimization, constrained minimization,
Monte Carlo integration, simulated annealing, least-squares fitting,
solution of ordinary differential equations, two-dimensional
interpolation, Chebyshev approximation, unit conversions, and file I/O
with HDF5.

Source Files
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o2scl-0.925.tar.gz 0033821593 32.3 MB 2 months
o2scl-disable-slow-hdf-test.patch 0000000471 471 Bytes 2 months
o2scl-exp-overflow.patch 0000002710 2.65 KB 2 months
o2scl.changes 0000011846 11.6 KB 2 months
o2scl.spec 0000004653 4.54 KB 2 months
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