That missing frog DNA you've been looking for

Libite is a lightweight library of frog DNA. It can be used to fill the
gaps in any dinosaur project. It holds useful functions and macros
developed by both Finit and the OpenBSD project. Most notably the
string functions: strlcpy(3), strlcat(3) and the highly useful *BSD
sys/queue.h and sys/tree.h API's.

Libite is the frog DNA missing in GNU libc. However, -lite does not aim
to become another GLIB! One noticeable gap in GLIBC is the missing
_SAFE macros in the BSD sys/queue.h API — highly recommended when
traversing lists to delete/free nodes.

The code is open sourced under a mix of the MIT/X11 license, the ISC
license used by OpenBSD, and BSD licenses, all of them are extremely
liberal and can be used freely in proprietary software if needed.

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