Monitoring mail server statistics

This plugin includes a patch for mailgraph so that it will also output its
statistics counter to an external file(plus the rra file),and a which check the stat counter to see if it’s ok, emit
WARN/CRITICAl result if not.It can run on nagios server, or on remote server
via NRPE.

Source Files
Filename Size Changed Actions
check_mailstat_plugin_v0.9.1-initial_values.patch 0000000466 466 Bytes almost 6 years
check_mailstat_plugin_v0.9.1-stat_file.patch 0000001799 1.76 KB almost 6 years 0000005750 5.62 KB almost 6 years
monitoring-plugins-mailstat-rpmlintrc 0000000104 104 Bytes almost 6 years
monitoring-plugins-mailstat.changes 0000000432 432 Bytes almost 6 years
monitoring-plugins-mailstat.spec 0000002973 2.9 KB almost 6 years
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