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Swap endianess of a cram filesystem (cramfs)


cramfs is a highly compressed and size optimized linux filesystem which is
mainly used for embedded applications. the problem with cramfs is that it
is endianess sensitive, meaning you can't mount a cramfs for a big endian
target on a little endian machine and vice versa. this is often especially
a problem in the development phase.

cramfsswap solves that problem by allowing you to swap to endianess of a
cramfs filesystem.

Source Files
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cramfsswap-obey-cflags.patch 0000000320 320 Bytes 10 months
cramfsswap.changes 0000000208 208 Bytes 10 months
cramfsswap.spec 0000001926 1.88 KB 10 months
cramfsswap_1.4.1-1.2.tar.gz 0000012587 12.3 KB 10 months
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